Famous Flowers!

This is just a shortie post to encourage you all to run out and purchase the June issue of Gardens Central Magazine.  Not that I want you to go out in the SNOW FLURRIES!

gardening magazine


Because, in addition to the fantastic gardening advice tailored to our climate, this magazine features the summer gardens of yours truly in a beautifully-photographed article!

snow in summer

What snow in summer is supposed to look like!

And yes:  Just north of Toronto there were snow flurries this morning.  Our annuals are sitting inside our houses and there could be frost again tonight.  It does not warn you of this in the gardening books.

Have a lovely weekend, and stay warm inside with a good magazine.  Unless, of course, you  feel compelled to go out in your garden, and then I will completely understand.

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I am a compulsive beautifier of all things habitable. Give me your ugly, non-functional and visually repellent, and I am in my element. Also, an avid and experienced gardener determined to share my horticultural experiences with others. See more at "About"
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7 Responses to Famous Flowers!

  1. Boomdeeadda says:

    Congratulations on your garden being featured, that’s so awesome. I can’t believe you’re getting snow, ugh! Tonight it’s super windy here and there might not be anything left in my pots in the morning, so if it’s not one thing, it’s another.

    • Wow, I guess the weather is weird across the country again–I could whine whine whine, but then there’s Oklahoma, so probably I should just be glad to live in such relatively trauma-free zone. We even had to bring the annuals back in the last few nights due to concern for frost at this late date!

  2. I intend to hunt this magazine down! Congrats on the feature. The weather has been all over this week.

  3. lucindalines says:

    Congrats!! Look forward to more post from you on the garden.

  4. Congrats!!! What an honor. I will surely see if I can find the magazine here. Not sure where to look unless I cross the Rainbow Bridge though.

    • It’s a neat magazine because it’s geared to the climate in each area of the country and the Ontario one would be just right for you too, I’m sure. I hope you can find it!

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