A Drive-by Country Garden

Down the long, country driveway of a hobby farm, the homeowners of this property wanted to create a welcoming garden to add an air of warmth and beautify the view.  This mid-century estate was typical of its period in that very little had ever been added in terms of gardens.

driveway garden

Approaching the garden at a curve in the driveway, where it was located for better viewing

The new garden needed to fit into its casual, country setting, go with the mid-century style of the stunning house while giving the owner the flowery bliss she was looking for.  The property, existing trees and house are very large and the garden had to be in scale but not unmanageable.

Still, she stressed that she did not want a high-maintenance garden that would require constant attention as she was busy and did not want to become a gardener.  However, she did love flowers!

late summer country garden

Different leaf sizes, textures and foliage colours create their own dynamics, entirely apart from the floral display, yet everything is large enough to enjoy on a quick drive-by. This is very different from designing a garden for walking through slowly.

I went with a “meadow garden” effect overall, using grasses and easy-care perennials that require, for the most part, little attention or water to look good.  Interesting shaped trees, a rock from the property and a couple of evergreen shrubs ensure that something remains to look at through winter.  This look is casual but pretty.

late summer garden

Soft pinks foretell the granite accents of the house on approach

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