Fall Garden Inspiration

This is the perfect time of year to get inspired about your fall garden.  Ontario and the East will soon be brilliant with fall colour and our gardens will be aglow in this vibrant backdrop.  In other parts of North America, however, the maples and other trees do not turn the same intense oranges and reds, so gardeners have to be more imaginative about getting fall colour into their gardens.

fall garden

Japanese Maples, blue foliage and grasses create dramatic contrasts

Last year, my mother sent me photos of her (always) new and improved garden in its fall glory, and I have saved them until now to share with you.  Frequent readers will have seen this garden before in my blog.

fall colour in the garden

Looking at this photo last week caused me to rush out and buy Japanese Blood Grass (foreground, centre). A terra-cotta pot containing one of the new, peachy heucheras and orange daisies (not visible) add more layers of personality and interest

Throughout her garden, I am struck by the way the blue-grey foliage is a dramatic accent to the fall colours–blue spruce varieties, blue oat grass and similar accents.

japanese anemone

Honorine Jobert Japanese Anemone, centre, one of relatively few flowering plants in this nonetheless very colourful fall garden

Japanese Anemones are wonderful fall flowers, for their delicate form and tough cold-hardiness.  They will wave their pretty blooms until a hard frost, unlike few other flowers with such a delicate look!

fall planter

Coleus, canna and friends with the visual softness of terra cotta

fall japanese garden

Small and large evergreens mixed in with fall foliage. Gravel and rocks add still more texture to this lush mix.

Grasses and Japanese maples are some of the major players in this display.  Notice that her backdrop is essentially composed of evergreens!

For more fall garden ideas, see this post and this one.

Who inspires you?  Do you have favourite plants to dramatize your fall landscape?  Please share below and click on the “follow” button, top right, to get my next landscaping or decor idea right in your inbox.

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13 Responses to Fall Garden Inspiration

  1. Boomdeeadda says:

    Your mixed boarders are very interesting. Honestly, by mid September I’d ready to put the garden and yard and tools to rest. I always cut back perennials and bagged everything before Sept 15th since our county wouldn’t take multiple bags after that.

    • I have a lot of things that really come into their best around September 15, and a bit of an obsession with extending the garden season, actually. But these gardens above are in coastal B.C., where garden season really never takes a break.

  2. The coast of BC has some very nice climate, don’t they? You know it is funny, but I am seeing the Fall colors already here. The trees are not so much changing yet, but are losing leaves. The dry weather we have been having this summer is pushing us into Fall. The meadow plants especially, getting crispy and brown. I do like the browns and reds of Fall though, yes, those maples!

    • Yes, the BC coast is a gardener’s dream. Interesting you should say your fall colours are coming. Ours are ridiculously early this year, but definitely not because of dryness. I am so surprised to hear that your summer has been dry, because we are so close and yet ours has been overcast, cooler than usual and sopping wet! It is hard to even get a chance to work in the garden with the constant rainfall. So odd for us.

      • I was just at a place yesterday that had rain, where a few miles down the road, nothing. That happens in my area a lot. Lewiston will get a soaking and we get nothing. Lewiston is only 7 miles away too. One time a few years back, it was raining at my house, but three doors up it was dry. I think the lake and river have a lot to do with air currents that makes for these strange occurrences.

      • Oh yes, that definitely happens here too. I remember looking at the rain pouring down in a dark sheet on my neighbor’s house across the road . . . and within another minute it was pouring on my house too. So weird. I do not recall that type of thing ever happening when I lived on the West Coast.

  3. What lovely colors and textures! We don’t get the vibrant fall colors here in Ireland, either. We moved here from Central New York State, so I really miss those colors! Dana

  4. P.E.A.C.E. says:

    Oh my.. what spectacular photos of an incredible garden. I too want to run out and buy that Japanese Blood Grass! My front garden has replaced hateful sod (as soon as we moved in) and there are now some nice clumps of Echinacea that really shine as summer wanes and fall approaches. And for the back of the garden I planted a Diablo Ninebark for its gorgeous merlot colour. And the Lamb’s Ears and Artemisia are practically glowing in their grey splendour. Thanks so much for all these inspiring photos and for links to even more great posts and gardening inspiration. Cheers, Gina

    • Your garden sounds really lovely in fall. My mom, whose garden this is, does have the Diablo Ninebark as well–I remember her being really pleased and excited about adding it to the garden.

  5. Sartenada says:

    Unbelievable beautiful garden. Thank You presenting Your great photos.

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