New Toronto Garden

The owner of this Toronto property wanted to

Before, large, old evergreens overwhelmed the house.

eliminate all lawn mowing.   Plants in this new garden were chosen to thrive in the various microclimates of the property, and intended to complement the colonial style of the house.

The freshly planted front yard featuring Magnolia Stellata and plantings more to scale with the Colonial Style house

Before: view from front porch

The original pathway was replaced with one more conducive to the natural flow of traffic.  Plants will grow in to soften the paver edges in time.


A Fresh Start


Trees and tall plants make way for gradually lower ones next to this pathway in the back yard:

which will one day look something like the second and eighth photo on this page from Garden Walk, Garden Talk (a favourite blog you may enjoy).  Trees and vines were planted to grow over and screen the neighbor’s old barn structure, left, on the property line.  Scented and mossy creeping plants are placed to fill in among the stepping stones.

It takes about two years for any garden to fill in, but this one will be lush and scenic from all angles by next year.

More before and after photos of this garden to come.

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