Artsy Peonies

As if peonies aren’t stunning enough, my daughter has subjected her latest peony photos to  some artful tweaking, so I thought I would share these with you.

photoshopped peonies

Peonies bloomed for an unusually long time in Southern Ontario this year, due to the cooler-that-usual, overcast weather.  That’s good, though, as other dramatic summer flowers are late this year.

 coloured peonies

Don’t they look surreal?  Which version of the peonies do you prefer?

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About patinaandcompany

I am a compulsive beautifier of all things habitable. Give me your ugly, non-functional and visually repellent, and I am in my element. Also, an avid and experienced gardener determined to share my horticultural experiences with others. See more at "About"
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10 Responses to Artsy Peonies

  1. Wowza. I love what your daughter has done. here. Since I do love my pop of color, I have to say the first one. But the margin is tiny. Great work.

  2. Thank you! I’ll pass it on to the artist!

  3. Beautiful! I go for one too.

  4. This is the second time I clicked your follow button. WP drops us sometimes when we follow, then I have no way of knowing when a new post loads. I depend on those visiting and I am glad you did. Tell your daughter I like the pastel peonies and wish they actually came in those colors.

  5. Grace says:

    They are both gorgeous! But the first one is my favorite. 🙂

  6. Sartenada says:

    So beautiful Peonies and so nice photos from them.

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