Delphiniums are Mid-Summer Beauty Queens

For a dramatic, classic showpiece for the back of your summer garden, there are few plants more perfect than traditional delphiniums.

delphinium season

Delphiniums, centre, with Aruncus Sylvestris, Goatsbeard, at right

These beauties are in season right now. For a classic look, I like the “Black Knight” and “Pacific Giants” varieties, in a range of blues to purples.

With Daylily and Artemesia ``Silver King``

With Daylily and Artemesia “Silver King”

Although their main bloom season is June-July, cut them back and fertilize after their first bloom, and you will likely see a late, but less exhuberant show in September.

Irises, delphiniums, hardy geranium and Hemerocallis “Happy Returns”, Daylily

They pair well with all of the classic English Garden plants, but especially with white Campanula, Nepeta, Catmint and the spiky, bluish leaves of Irises that will have finished blooming.

What’s your favourite mid-summer garden show-stopper?

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18 Responses to Delphiniums are Mid-Summer Beauty Queens

  1. lucindalines says:

    Perhaps someday I will get my flowers to fill in without the crabgrass in the way, then again maybe not.

    • Haha, you are so busy with so much else, I’m sure the crabgrass just doesn’t rate that high on your list of things to fret about. Note the wicked weeds in my garden though–this year has been a tough one to keep up with between a late spring and all the contant rain!

  2. Ravishing… among my favourites – plus lilac and peonies…

  3. Beautiful flowers, and I love the wrought iron fence!

  4. It looks like there are plenty of delphiniums left to bloom. What a beautiful colour and garden.

  5. Sheryl says:

    I’m not sure if they are show-stoppers, but I have 6 or 8 different varieties of day lilies that I enjoy.

    • My daylilies are blooming now (it took me a while to reply 😦 ). You can’t beat a plant that looks that good all the time, blooms so stunningly and doesn’t need to be looked after. 6 or 8 varieties is a lot; you definitely must be a lover of daylilies.

  6. Your display above is what I have blooming now too. I like your combinations and suggestions.

    • Thank you. We definitely seem to be on a similar bloom schedule. Weirdly, my burning bushes seem to be inclined to start showing hints of red this week. The plants definitely have a different schedule than usual this year.

  7. Sartenada says:

    Sigh, so sad that we have no more flower garden. Lovely photos.

  8. Large groupings of Red Bee Balm. Double-petaled day lilies. And our yellow night bloomer. (The bloomer is yellow, not the night – smile)

  9. Oooh, double-petaled day lilies: those are a show-stopper! I am a recent addict of those.

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