Welcoming Christmas Foyer

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year to all my readers.  At this busy time I am just posting a couple of photos of my foyer, decorated and ready for party guests.

The foyer, decorated with fresh greens and ready for guests

The foyer, decorated with fresh greens and ready for guests

The garland of fresh mixed greens was added to the planter prepared a couple of weeks ago along with large faux poinsettias and wide gold ribbon tied in simple bows to attach the poinsettias.

Fresh, mixed greens with ribbon and white poinsettias

Fresh, mixed greens with ribbon and white poinsettias on the bannister

Last minute can be a good time to decorate as area decor stores have up to 40% off at this late date!  Alternatively, grab the pieces that go with your decor after Christmas when nurseries and decorating stores are slashing prices even more, and you will be set for next year’s decorating way ahead of time.

All the best!


About patinaandcompany

I am a compulsive beautifier of all things habitable. Give me your ugly, non-functional and visually repellent, and I am in my element. Also, an avid and experienced gardener determined to share my horticultural experiences with others. See more at "About"
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33 Responses to Welcoming Christmas Foyer

  1. wow! This is really pretty!

  2. Boomdeeadda says:

    What a fantastic foyer to be able to decorate. Stunning. I’ve always had to wait for the sales, it started as a necessity, now a habit. I just bought all my gift wrap and bows yesterday for 70% off…that feels good. Cheers

    • I think that your story of having to wait for the sales and this becoming a habit applies to almost everybody. I don’t know who it is that is paying full price to these poor businesses, but it isn’t anyone I know!
      It was really timing and luck, but I think, what could be better than getting your wrap a year ahead for 70% off!
      Have a lovely Christmas.

  3. Your foyer is lovely… I have molding envy.
    Have a very, very, very Merry Christmas!

  4. Inspired and pretty says:

    It’s very beautiful and I love fresh greens ! Oh ! I’m in love with the colour of the walls in your foyer, and your wonderful chandelier ! You have a gorgeous home.
    Merry Christmas !

  5. Your foyer is absolutely beautiful! The greens are so simple and elegant. I love it!

  6. Hi! I have nominated you for two awards – The Wonderful Team Member Readership Award and Blog of the Year 2012 Award! Please check out the link provided for more details. http://helpwithyourlife.wordpress.com/2012/12/26/wonderful-team-member-readership-award-and-blog-of-the-year-2nd-star/
    Congratulations! Blessings, Cathie

  7. Have fun at the party. Your decorations make a beautiful greeting. Happy New Year.

  8. lucindalines says:

    I love that staircase. It makes me homesick for my old house, though our stairs were no where near as long as those.

  9. Breathtaking foyer! That is my dream foyer! Love the color of those walls with that white trim and the beautiful simplicity of the greens with the white poinsettias and bows. It looks so natural.

    I would like to thank you for frequently commenting on my my blog posts. I received my year end report from WordPress and you are in the top five commenters. I really appreciate you taking the time to visit and I wish you a beautiful New Year. Electronic Hugs-Sandi

    • Thank you so much! I love the concept of “bringing nature inside”. I really enjoy your blog–I love the setting of your garden and what you’re doing. You put so much personality into the blog.

  10. Ditto, the staircase is gorgeous. The colors really work well together.

  11. Bernice says:

    So very beautiful – I love elegant stair cases and chandeliers! Plus I love how you decorated it for Christmas. Not over done – but elegant!

  12. shiroknowes says:

    Lovely idea and your decoration makes your entrance much more beautifuler !

  13. sweetandsoy says:

    This is such a classy way to decorate your entrance for the holidays! A lot of people tend to overdo this, but this is just perfect. I can’t wait to get a house of my own to decorate and put some personal touches both inside and out!

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