A few days ago, on the date of another sad tragedy, this young blogger asked me to re-blog her wish. I am choking back tears as I re-blog this. Unfortunately, today is the day to do so if ever there was one. My profoundest sympathy to the victims’ families.

Superkat Wins

8:48 pm.

Fort Hood, 5 November 2009.

Tuscon, Arizona, 8 January 2011.

Trayvon Martin, 26 February 2012.

Aurora, Colorado, 20 July 2012.

Chicago, Illinois, 22 October 2012.

And now, we can add Portland, Oregon, 11 December 2012 to the list.


Let’s stop the violence. Stop the shooting. Stop the killing of innocent people.

Let’s regulate guns.

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  1. Boomdeeadda says:

    Sadly, add Connecticut to that list today. Unbelievable horror. We’re beginning to see gun violence in Canada too, but it’s usually gang members killing each other. I watched John Stewart ‘report’ on the Bob Costas -vs- Fox News story. With media individuals (can’t call them reporters or even professionals) spewing that kind of garbage, it’s no wonder there’s no will to change. Put it this way, there’s more regulation for baby car seats in the US than guns. When was the last time a baby car seat killed 18 children? My sympathies to all those with sorrow today.

    • I wholeheartedly agree with you. Gotta protect the “god-given right” of anyone, with or without unknown psychological issues, to carry deadly weapons without any restriction! So, incredibly heartbreaking. It’s amazing the twisting of logic used to ignore the overwhelming statistics and justify these inevitable, repeated and tragic consequences.

      • SuperkatWins says:

        It angers me deeply that so many politicians who lobby for the NRA and other groups let their politics get in the way of their citizens’ safety. It’s irresponsible, because they’re just standing by and letting innocent people get killed.

      • I agree–they are in a safe place, often with heavy security, but most people aren’t. How is it possible to say all of these precious lives are worth less than this so-called “right”?

      • SuperkatWins says:

        That’s precisely it. We can’t keep the laws so loose to preserve the “right” that people are using to kill others.

    • I think in Canada stats on gun crimes are overall way down over 30 years, but Toronto had a bit more this year. Most illegal guns come for you-know-where, though!

  2. Oh this is so terribly sad. I’m heartbroken. There are no words…

  3. SuperkatWins says:

    Thank you so much PatinaandCompany for re-blogging this, and bringing awareness to people who wouldn’t have otherwise seen this on just my blog.

  4. Amen, couldn’t agree more.

  5. This morning, amidst all the fb outpouring of sadness and grief… I saw a response to a post referencing the role guns play in massacres.

    The comment read:
    “would you feel better if an attacker used explosives? should we ban knives? diesel fuel and fertilizer? also criminals could care less about laws that why they are criminals.”

    This fills me with rage.
    Little children were killed.
    Not with fertilizer.

    • That kind of illogic in the face of the overwhelming statistics is just mind-boggling! You can’t kill 26 people at once with a knife. Sheesh. Fertilizer, knives, ingredients in explosives: not designed to kill–it takes more effort and is easier to stop.

      “Feel better”? Feeling better is not the point!

      Make it harder to get the tool designed to kill! It WORKS in other countries. The only meaningful response is to take action to reduce FUTURE incidents of this type, which are inevitable without drastic change.

    • Also, “criminals could care less about laws . . . ” So, what? Don’t make laws, then?! Get rid of all the criminal laws as criminals don’t care anyway?

  6. SuperkatWins says:


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