End-of-the-Season Blues

You would have been forgiven for thinking it was spring October 25 and 26 in the Toronto area, with temperatures in the high ‘teens to mid twenties–especially if you noticed these delightful, fresh-faced sweethearts blooming!

Colchicum and Autumn Crocus are sweet, fall-blooming bulbs, almost identical to one another, that wait patiently until everything else fades, leaves are dropping and the gardener’s heart is sinking under the acceptance that four to six months of ice, snow and bare branches are upon us.  The world has become yellow, brown and damp.  Then suddenly, out of nowhere, they appear, reminding us of the heady anticipation of early spring!

Like spring bulbs, these close up in cool, grey or wet weather

Their notorious habit of falling over gives them a strange mood

Scabiosa, Butterfly Blue, “Pincushion Flower”, below, on the other hand, is a low-maintenance perennial that blooms in summer and continues to bloom as long as you deadhead it.  Tougher than most other perennials, it is still making a delicate show all by itself in the fall garden, while most other things have completely given up.

Scapbiosa, Butterfly Blue

Well, almost alone in the garden

A bright spot in a drab landscape

Pincushion Flower

Given its easy-care determination, it is no wonder this flower was the 2000 Perennial of the Year.

What visual reminders that Spring will come do you enjoy at this time of year, when things are getting soggy and grey?

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24 Responses to End-of-the-Season Blues

  1. i see a lot of yellow flowers around this time of year around here

  2. The landscape doesn’t look drab to me, but very beautiful – I can’t think why I never thought of adding scabiosa to my friends who bloom late… like Japanese anenomes and dahlias….

  3. lucindalines says:

    Love your flowers, but the cat wins the prize. I love white kitties…don’t currently have one.

  4. What a pretty kitty. My end of the season blues is more that the flowers are out there freezing right now. Poor things. We are down in the twenties at night. Brrr.

  5. icelandpenny says:

    Love the autumn crocus shots especially — that’s the one we (my partner and I) call by the nickname “Naked Ladies” since they are all bloom, no leaves. Do you know that common name for them as well?

  6. lmccain1121 says:

    Beautiful with all the heat in Texas flowers are sometimes few and far between..they can’t stand the heat..

  7. SuperkatWins says:

    Beautiful white cat! What is his/her name?

  8. Beautiful garden!! The Pincushion Flower is so pretty, and I love that it’s low maintenance!!

  9. natstelle says:

    I wonder if I could intersperse autumn crocus with daffodils?

    • That should work, because daffodils have to be planted deeper than autumn crocus, so they won’t be fighting for nutrients and they’ll also bloom at different times. They like the same kind of deciduous tree type setting as well, and thrive when leaves are mostly off the trees.

      What a great idea. Are you planting bulbs now?

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