Sublime September

I love September for many reasons.  There is the perplexing matter of how returning to routines with school and schedules that we were so glad to break free of in June, now seems so welcome.  In the Toronto area, September is another month of summer in which nobody really breaks out their beautiful fall clothes because it is still much too warm, but it is a shadier, sweeter summer month because it is blessedly cooler, and less intense.  We get back in touch with friends and acquaintances that are part of the fall and winter lifestyle.  The veggie garden and farmers’ markets are full of the annual bounty and this again signals  the changing of seasons.

The garden is softer and less intense:

Soft September colours–Perovskia Atriplicifolia, Russian Sage; Sedum “Autumn Joy”; Echinacea, Purple Coneflower; Japanese Anemone and greyish Artemesia “Silver King”

Sedums are coming into bloom slowly this year, massed with their flat, frothy tops and reminding me of ice cream.   Colours are very pastel.  Only the squirrels look frantic now.

sedum, russian sage,autumn garden

Roses re-bloom in Ontario once the hottest part of summer is over

Both blooms and foliage contribute to the soft pastel palette in Autumn

Leaves are turning red, but not very quickly, making for very protracted pleasure in observing the onset of autumn.

Soft pink Sedum, Russian Sage and Burning Bush turning colour in the background

.I am pleased with the way the garden’s character changes from season to season, and there is something interesting all the time.  This is always a major objective in designing.

Same garden, different look

  This is Ontario’s best season.  Would you agree?

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