Gardens of Canada

This is just a short post to share a really exciting link that I found in the Butchart Gardens’ Twitter posts.  This site,  Canada’s Garden Route , is  a resource of Via Rail.  I love it because it lists Canada’s top garden events, destinations, Communities in Bloom and related features.  Have a look!

Interesting information from this website (not independently verified by me):

  • more Americans visit USA gardens than visit Disneyland and Disney World combined, or visit Las Vegas annually!
  • 14 million Canadian and American visitors go to “the spectacular gardens of Canada” annually!

Where is your favourite garden?  Please share by posting your comment below.  Photos and links welcome.

I cannot choose, but I will say that, last summer, I was just knocked out by the gorgeous modern-style garden at the Stratford Festival Theatre , Stratford Ontario (also home to Justin Beiber, for those who are less familiar with the Stratford Shakespeare Festival).  The photos in this link do not nearly do justice to the incredible work of art that is this garden, however.  I hope that if you get the opportunity you will see it for yourself.

I definitely intend to get out and be inspired by more of the lovely gardens that Canada has to offer this summer.

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2 Responses to Gardens of Canada

  1. Frankie says:

    I haven’t been since I was a girl, but I remember the botanical gardens near Niagra falls were lovely. There’s a county rose garden near my house, that’s beautiful. I visit it often. The statistic about Garden visits versus Disney is incredible! That makes me so happy.

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